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Holker Old Boys Association Football Club - a real grass roots football club

Charter Standard Information

Below are extracts from our Development Plan that forms the basis of our FA accreditation, for more details on FA Charter Clubs please go to FA Charter Standard Web Site.


One web site that Holker Old Boys would encourage all our players’ parents to view is the FAs Soccer Parent Web Site, & why not take 15 minutes out to undertake the on-line training.


Remember, this is about kids & enjoying themselves with no pressure.


Holker parents are reminded that there are FA rules that govern the videoing or photographing of children. To assist Holker’s parents and to protect them from conflict we strongly advise that you obtain the permission of Holker children’s parents and the opposing team BEFORE you commence. This rule is to safe guard vulnerable children and we should all respect it in a common sense way.

The FA award ‘Charter Standard Club’ status to Holker Old Boys, the first club in Barrow to achieve this national recognition.


Holker Old Boys are absolutely delighted to announce their accreditation as an FA Charter Standard Club. We are the first club in Barrow to achieve this nationally recognised accreditation for excellence in management of child protection, FA qualified coaches, first aid and insurance.


The recognition this brings is an assurance to parents that their children are looked after by individuals who have been through appropriate professional training to ensure the highest of standards. Holker Old Boys has a fully qualified Child Protection Officer, in excess of 20 qualified coaches, each age group has at least one & equipment that is suitable for their needs.


Holker Chairman, Steve Livingstone, commented “We received the letter confirming our accreditation on 12th May, almost 3 years since we set out with this as our goal. This following on the back of our relationship with Preston North End, demonstrates that, in the eyes of the football professionals, Holker are seen as having excellence in coaching & looking after youngsters. To a lot of clubs it’s about winning medals at junior age groups, at Holker, whilst we enjoy the satisfaction of a good result & having trophies in our club, our primary consideration within our junior section is enjoyment, seeing the smiles on the kids faces. I would like to thank Richard Evans & Julie Livingstone for administrating the process & all the 20 coaches who have attended LFA training sessions, in their own time & the various sponsors and funding agencies for supporting us. Our

development is not complete; we’ll move forward again & continue to build a club that the community can be proud off.”

APPENDIX 2: Holker Old Boys AFC Code of Conduct


1.                   All persons involved with the club must be a member.

2.                  All members must abide by the rules of the club.

3.                  All members are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour and attitude both on and off the field of play, which project a favourable image of the club.

4.                  All members must treat fellow players, members and officials with respect at all times.

5.                  Foul and abusive language or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

6.                  All members must respect at all times all facilities and club property, any abuse will not be tolerated.

7.                  All members are to follow the instructions from committee members and officials.

8.                  The club will not tolerate use of performance enhancing drugs and or illegal substances.

9.                  It must be the intension of all members to make the club a safe, effective and child friendly club.

10.               All members will respect and uphold the clubs anti-discrimination and equity policy.

11.                All members must insure the highest level of safety possible and protect children from abuse or harm.

12.               Should any individual not comply with this Code of Conduct they will be asked to appear before a club disciplinary panel to explain their behaviour.

Should any individual or organisation wish to make a complaint against anyone associated with the club they should report the matter to the club secretary or any other available serving officer

APPENDIX 3: Parents Code of conduct



  • Encourage your child to learn the rules of the game and play within them. 
  • Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials. 
  • Do not shout and scream 
  • Avoid coaching the children during the game 
  • Help and encourage your child to recognise good performance, not just results. 
  • Never force your child to take part in football. 
  • Set a good example by recognising fair play and applauding good performances of the opposition as well as your own team. 
  • Never punish or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes. 
  • Publicly accept and respect the Referee’s and Official’s judgements. 
  • Support your child’s involvement and encourage and help them enjoy their sport. 
  • Use correct and proper language at all times. 

Parents/spectators have a great influence on children’s enjoyment and success in football. It is important to remember that at whatever level the children reach they need positive encouragement and good examples to be set which will contribute to:


       The love and fun of the game

       Sense of personal achievement

       Improvement and development of the child’s skills and techniques

       Right attitude and respect towards:

       Other players




APPENDIX 6: Child Protection


Holker Old Boys AFC, in conjunction with the FA Policy Board and Social Services, want to make sure that all players, (Young Persons), are protected and kept safe whilst they are in the care of officials representing this club.


We will do this by:


  • Adopting and adhering to the FA Policy Board Child Protection Policy and Procedures. The club will also be bound by the decisions and recommendations of the FA Policy Board Child Protection Disciplinary Committees.


  • Making sure that all officials are carefully selected, vetted and where necessary trained.


  • Ensuring that details of any player’s medical condition are notified to the relevant officials.


  • Giving parents and players information about the club’s aims and ambitions and what they can expect from the club.


  • Advising parents of what the Club can expect from them.


  • Letting parents and players know how to voice their concerns or complain if there is anything they are not happy about.


 All Child protection matters will be addressed to the Child Protection Officer for the attention of the club secretary.

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